At Mundipharma we are thinking differently about pain. We know pain is a reality, but when it becomes prolonged and not well managed we recognise that there is a role for us to play in providing effective solutions. We know we can’t cure this pain but we can address the pain-life balance – shifting people’s experiences away from pain and back towards the enjoyment of life.

Mundipharma is committed to pain with a proven track record of bringing pain innovations to market since the 1980s - successfully launching MST Continus, Sovenor ®, OxyNorm ®, OxyContin ® and TarginAct ®. We want to build on this heritage - using our medical expertise, and experience of the market to identify unmet needs in the management of pain and in the development of new innovative treatments for patients. 

We are continuing our endeavour to be HCP’s partner in pain, by not only providing medication, but also by improving education around pain and its appropriate management. We are proud to launch a Pain Podcast App (available from 1st August 2016), which was developed in partnership with local HCP’s with expertise in pain.  This platform provides monthly educational talks, with a new pain podcast uploaded every 1st Monday of the month for you to LEARN and EARN 3 CPD Points.


2016 Programme:
Monday 1 August 2016: Can we make opioids obsolete? - Dr Raff (Anaesthetist, Cape Town)
Monday 5 September 2016: Treating Cancer Pain - Dr Moodley (Oncologist, Gauteng)
Monday 3 October 2016: Pain Management: NSAIDS and Opioids – Dr Spies (Anaesthetist, Cape Town)
Monday 7 November 2016: Pain and addiction - Dr Weich (Psychiatrist, Cape Town)
Monday 5 December 2016: Acute and chronic pain management - Dr Hodgson (Anaesthetist, Durban)

2017 Programme:
Monday 2 January 2017: Pain: definitions, classifications and syndromes – Dr Bechan (Anaesthetist, Durban)
Monday 6 February 2017: 4-6 hourly dosing prn – Dr Raath (Anaesthetist, Pretoria)
And many more to follow…




How to download the App?